Intrusion Detection
System Service (IDSS)

Hacker intrusion, unauthorized user access, malware & zero-day network attacks detected in real-time and reported back to you in SECONDS, not MONTHS.

Intrusion Detection System Service (IDSS)

Hacker intrusion, unauthorized user access, malware & zero-day network attacks detected in real-time and reported back to you in SECONDS, not MONTHS.

Caveo Security, Inc., offers an affordable Intrusion Detection System Service (IDSS) to enterprise, government, small and midsize companies. Our IDSS identifies in real-time security threats from hackers, unauthorized access, malware & even zero-day attacks.

When a breach alert is reported, the Caveo Security Operations Center (SOC) will immediately alert our customer of the breach via their preferred method of contact: phone, text or email.

Once an attack or threat alert has been communicated to the customer by our SOC, immediate data loss mitigation solutions are offered by our cyber security specialist. All of our specialists are trained in post attack response solutions.

Verizon's 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report: It’s back, and it’s more insightful than ever.

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News headlines confirm that new data breaches are reported weekly. Companies & organizations such as; White House, Arbys, Target, Sony and even the U.S. Federal Government have all become the poster childern for the damages caused by these hacks and data breaches.

Hardware and Software

Our hardware design employs advanced anti-tamper techniques to thwart hardware reverse engineering or hacking efforts against deployed hardware. This is a critical "Mind the Details" precaution that many of our competitors overlook.

Our secure, from the foundation up, approach radically reduces attack surface and actively deters hackers from compromising endpoints attached to the Caveo Security Threat Detection Network.

Threat Detection

We utilize an array of sophisticated, purely passive traffic fingerprinting mechanisms to identify hackers or unauthorized users behind any incidental TCP/IP communications without interfering in any way, honeypots, automated analysis algorithms, real-time threat intelligence feeds and data algorithms to reduce the number of false positive alerts by 99.5% to immediately and accurately identify attacks, with zero footprint.

Box Compatability

Our Patent Pending technology and security intelligence IDS box can be integrated into existing network infrastructure, be it a LAN, WAN, Wireless or any other. It independently listens to network traffic, grabbing snippets of information as they are in-route, eliminating false positive alerts by 99.5% as well as traffic latency and bottlenecks.

Painless Set Up

Setup of your Caveo IDS box is easy. There's no need for specialized training or technical knowledge to configure your box into your network. Just plug it in, connect to the internet and your box is directly linked to our Security Operations Center (SOC). We eliminate or reduce the need for costly specialized IDS training, installation and operations.


When a network breach alert is reported to the Caveo Security monitoring team, we immediately alert our customer. We report the IP addressing of the attack, along with details about the targeted protocol. With our unique approach to identifying security breaches, we can reduce or eliminate the large overhead and bandwidth cost associated with traditional Intrusion Detection System operations.

Privacy and PCI

Once your box is connected, the Caveo Security Operations monitoring staff will never see or have access to your network data or traffic. Our monitoring service also provides many of the same features found in a traditional security operations center and satisfies several requirements for PCI compliance at a fraction of the cost.

Affordable Solution

Caveo Security provides our customers with a competitive, annual low cost Intrusion Detection System Service solution. We provide year round Treat Detection Monitoring, Reporting, which reduces the need for costly specialized trained personal in order to install and operate your IDS solution, thus reducing IT cost.

The Caveo Security IDSS

is "Always Armed and On Guard" to give our customers viable threat intelligence detection and rapid response solutions for all types of networks.

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